Saturday, November 22, 2008

If Jeff Were An Animal

"He's the tallest man in the universe. It's like working with a standing lizard."

-Kevin Spacey on his "Speed the Plow" co-star Jeff Goldblum.


Ever since I got my pet water dragon (the type of lizard in the shot) about two years ago it has reminded me of Jeff Goldblum and just today I happened upon this photo manipulation! I always thought, if Jeff were an animal... this is probably what he would look like. Guess I wasn't alone in my thoughts. And I mean that in the best way! You know I love Jeff, but I also love reptiles!

I also just recently named one of my new blue tongued skinks "Jeff." I'll post pics of him once I get my camera working again.


Michelle Hennessey said...

YES! this is what Kevin said when he was on Conan O' Brian XD

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Black moors (fish) can be long, dark, and have large eyes. :)