Tuesday, April 21, 2009

VIDEO: Jeff On Letterman

Last night Jeff showed off his rope tricks! It is a delightful performance. Great actor, great magician:

You can also watch Part 1 of last night's show here:

You can also watch on the CBS website: http://lateshow.cbs.com/latenight/lateshow/video_player/index/php/983422.phtml


Michelle said...

it's really not worth a try!! The Late show website that claims to have the full version is having the full version, but you need the Zango Software to see it.. And well Zango is really a bad software, it gives you Viruses and shit like this!

Ida said...

Ah! I'll take that off of there. Hey, did you see the show last night? Since you can't watch him doing the rope tricks on youtube, I could download it and make it into an mpeg4 file for you? Or a quicktime movie and send it to you?

Michelle said...

Oh thank you, I've seen the rope trick on TV last night, the thing is I didn't record it due to my retardness (I'll explain this on my Jeff website) But again, thank you, you are AWESOME!!