Saturday, May 2, 2009

New York Post: Jeff Goldblum talks about working in New York

JEFF Goldblum, new detective on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," is thrilled to be working in New York.

"First of all, this production is such a well-organized, well-oiled machine. The script comes polished, in perfect shape, hits the design team on time, the sets then get done -- everything is slotted. Nothing's slipshod. They all know exactly what they're doing.

"They pamper me. I have a special trailer. They arrange foods I like. Sometimes they order in from The Pump for my brown rice, egg whites and chicken.

"So when I arrived, they'd already lined up apartments for me to see. And I picked a two-bedroom rental near Chelsea Piers, where we shoot. They even found me a nice cleaning lady who comes in once a week.

"I mean, where else but New York can you find the most diverse people in captivity? I even watched Ric Burns' 1999 PBS project 'New York: A Documentary Film.' It's a box set. Eight parts, including experts like Rudy Giuliani, Ed Koch, Mario Cuomo, who tell you all about New York City. You've got to see it."

Considering he lives in LA and I live here, I wasn't sure I needed lessons on the city but -- being forever kindly and gracious -- I kept my mouth shut.

Although written with its own individual personality, his character essentially is Chris Noth's role. "I didn't know Chris before, but he came to the set to wish me luck. Look, he's done this part a long time, and I'm a humble student of the genre. I was glad to meet him. I'm a fan."

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After the season's over, Jeff is staying put. "I'm shooting 'The Baster' with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman right here. In fact, after this phone call I have to go over for their costume fitting. Then, 'Morning Glory' with Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams. That shoots here, too. So I have the apartment until the end of summer. I plan to continue spending as much time here as I can."

So he's all set except maybe for a lovely local type lady?

"I'm on my own at the moment. Right now my focus and passion is on this show."

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