Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VIDEOS: Jeff Goldblum on the Rachael Ray Show (April 2009)

This is a bit old (from April), but I wasn't aware of it at the time. Luckily a fellow fan, Katrina, sent it my way.

Click here to see video #1 of Jeff playing the piano on the Rachael Ray Show

When Jeff Goldblum stops by, Rachael creates a special dish just for him called Golden Blum Chicken. But before he can sink his teeth into it, he has to "sing for his supper." After wowing them with some impromptu playing, Jeff explains that he learned to play the piano from his mom, who first gave him lessons when he was in third grade. "Then I started to play jazz, and it's been a hobby of mine since then," Jeff says. "For the last several years, I started to play out and about in Los Angeles. I have a jazz group with really great musicians -- we call ourselves the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra."

He's also currently appearing as Det. Zach Nichols on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Rachael tells Jeff how much she loves all the Law & Order shows, and gets him to comment on a few memorable films from his career:

The Fly: "I love that movie. It's sexy and sweet and sad and romantic."

The Big Chill: "Friends, togetherness -- fun, fun, fun!"

Independence Day: "It was the first time they put an ad spot during the Super Bowl to promo the movie and we thought, 'Is anybody going to see this?', but it was a popular movie."

Annie Hall: "I had a little part in that. I loved that. I'm about to do movie with Diane Keaton called The Morning Glory."

Click here to see video #2 of Jeff Backstage at the Rachael Ray show

Enjoy! And thanks Katrina!

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