Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jeff Goldblum Defends Law and Order as Fans Complain About Cast Changes

When Jeff Goldblum replaced Chris Noth last year on Law & OrderCriminal Intent fans were concerned about what they considered a lighter tone and significant cast changes that followed. In a recent interview, Goldblum talked about his new partner, claims that the show has become The Jeff Goldblum Hour, and offered words of encouragement to wavering fans.

Jeff Goldblum on Saffron Burrows

This season, Goldblum’s detective Zach Nichols will get a new partner, played by Saffron Burrows. The British actress is best known for her work in films like Deep Blue Sea and Troy. She follows up the short-lived series My Own Worst Enemy with her new role on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
When asked about the new team, Goldblum replied: “We’ve done several cases together. And we work beautifully together, very dynamically. I think she’s great… And it’s, as much as anything, even given the dark and horrific and nightmarish circumstances that we’re always faced with, dead bodies and gruesome places and gruesome events, we seem to both get a thrill out of the fun and the adventure of the hunt, hunting down the bad guy.”
He continued to describe the basis of their chemistry saying, “But it’s beside that, a personal thrill for me... And a personal kind of side and overall contextualizing investigation to deepen my understanding of the deeply criminal types and thereby all of us and me. I’m on a kind of psycho spiritual investigation that fascinates me and that’s infinitely mysterious. And she and I become partners in that. And it’s absolutely thrilling.”
Jeff Goldblum Talks About the Atmosphere on the Law & Order Set

In addition, series’ stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian left the show. Goldblum discussed the atmosphere on set amidst the changes, “It was all different cast members [last] year. But the stories and the quality of the writing and the high quality of the production and the crew is still the same. So it feels familiar but… I miss the cast members who are gone… But it does feel like a new show in a lot of ways.”
Has Law & Order Become The Goldblum Hour?
Die hard Law & Order fans have complained that the series has become The Jeff Goldblum Hour. They worry that the show is forgoing the darker edge that had made it a success. Goldlum understands concerns but defended the show saying, “I’m doing the best that I can and I know the writers are trying—there are some very heavy and gruesome episodes that we’ve done.”
Still, Goldblum doesn’t deny the show’s lighter tone admitting, “But it’s true. I think part of their idea about my character is that... I’m very passionate for the work… Even in these gruesome circumstances... It feels like an opportunity to Zack Nichols to find what’s important in life and find the deeper meanings in life in a very enjoyable way. And I like solving the puzzle, too.”

Jeff Goldblum Reassures the Fans

And Goldblum has words of encouragement for disgruntled fans, “I totally understand you’re upset. Those were as fantastic a bunch of characters as I’d ever seen… And I’ll be watching for all of them wherever they go… I’m doing my best and I’m enjoying it no end. And I think the writers, who are terrific, have written different characters but fascinating characters, at least to me…
As to why fans should tune-in, he explains, “I would recommend and as part of this grief counseling of the loss of the old show and the old characters, I would recommend that they consider appreciating Saffron Burrows and Serena Stevens… And then, let me encourage them to get into Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio… She is spectacular, as talented deeply, richly talented and an actor as there is. Given to a rainbow of color choices in her paint box.”
Fans will be able to judge for themselves with the Season 9 premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent this Tuesday, March 30 at 10:00 pm on USA Network.


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