Sunday, March 1, 2009

Inspired By Mr. Frost

The following poem was written after I watched Mr. Frost for the first time last night. What a spectacular film! I can not understand why it is so hard to find and not well known. I thought it was completely enthralling and thought provoking and will write a review up of it soon!

In the mean time, here is my poem...

The Possession

The proper words elude me. It was lust
But more than lust - a nightmare and a dream.
The proof of my religion turned to dust
Yet haunted me until I moved to scream
But I was silenced by his forceful hand
Across my lips. I stirred beneath his grip.
My back against his chest, he left his brand
Upon my neck while clawing at my hip.
He twisted me to look into his eyes.
His pupils like a cat's, he studied me.
He might have uttered sixty thousand lies.
I'd not have heard or cared, he'd conquered me.
A moth into the flame - into the fire.
I hated him yet he was my desire.

I hated him yet he was my desire -
His kinky hair as bold and dark as death,
The falcon's nose, a riled badger's ire,
His pacing and his restless wolf-like breath
That echoed in his chambers every night.
A serpent's tongue, a stallion's awing skin.
Too much to still be sure of what was right.
Enough to make me rationalize sin.
Again my words fall short. No similie
Nor adjectives, or nouns, or metaphor
Could ever rival such an entity,
Could ever hold the esscence I adore
That is for all six senses like a feast
Despite how he corrupts. I love the beast.

Despite how he corrupts, I love the beast.
I find myself unable to resist
And too ashamed or scared to seek a priest.
Perhaps, deep down, I want it to persist
And yet I know my actions weren't my own
To an extent! I could have fought him more
Or could I? I was confident alone.
Too confident. Too weak to close that door...
I danced with Chaos, trapped, but happily;
His violent passion left me so fufilled
And yet so hollow. Love is misery...
And thus it was that fateful bullet killed
The body he possessed. It turned to dust
But now he lives in me and I am lust

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