Monday, March 9, 2009

Soliciting Your Critique On SC

I am trying to really fix up SC and make it look as good as possible. I recently applied at for hosting (they give you a free domain name and I'm hoping to get "" or something along those lines) but I was turned down because, "Your site design, although coming along well, is not of a high enough quality as of yet. You are more than welcome to re-apply at a later date once you have acquired more web/graphic design experience."

This was pretty disappointing at first, considering I actually work as a graphic designer and have been doing it since I was eleven, but it's true SC doesn't look as good as it should and I've decided to take it as a challenge.

I'm pretty attached the basic layout and don't want to change it too much, but let me know what your ideas are.

Are there any little (or big) things about the site that bug you?

Is the head banner too big?

Is the whole site too wide? (I originally made it wide thinking I would have a "banners" page for people to use on forums but I still haven't gotten around to it. Still, if it is too wide, I cold always put those in the gallery or just make them pop up in larger windows for the full size.

What about the navigation bar? Do you think the text there should be smaller?

What about the main page? Do you think that it looks to cluttered?

Lay it on me. :) While I like the site pretty well for the most part how it is (and really like seeing the big header banners of Jeff when I'm on it (Ha ha) I would be ready to do a completely new design if that's the best way to go.

I appreciate ALL your thoughts. :D


Michelle Hennessey said...

Your design rocks! But I guess they are really picky haha! I was turned down too when I submit a request to but hey try this it's like but for beginners :D It might be easier for you to get a free domain! said...

Yeah that's really sad. I love your website. People are too damn picky these says - just like Michelle said. Not everyone can have HQ websites. A simple design is just as good. It's not about the design It's about the quality of the website. People these days in the web world don't know what it means to have a true fan website, and it's sad.

I have my domain hosted at I'm still looking around for hosting as I'm going to finish building my website this summer as well. I figured it's best to have your domain name and hosting separate. Just in case. You host my want to keep your domain name (may not want to sell it back to you) if you move to a new host. I seen it done too many times with fansites.

There are a lot of fansite hosting out there, but again they want HQ. :P Good luck in your search girl!!! said...

I love the new layout, but I think the text in the mainpage (news, updates, section) should be smaller. Maybe it's because I'm using firefox? Everything else, it's good looking. I love the layout. One of my favorite Jeff films. :) I'm jealous. Naw, jk!!! Even though it's at blogger (for now) I'm proud of :)

PS, if you need any ideas on names, let me know. I wrote down a ton of names a while back. I can e-mail them to you if you like. Let me know. :)

Ida said...

You guys are too nice! Thanks for allt he help. That link looks really good Michelle. I'll have to check that out when I get home tonight. Thank you!

And I'll check out namecheap too. :D That's a really good point about keeping them separate. I had not really thought of that.

I think it's amazing what the three of us have done with Jeff Goldblum. I mean, just a year ago there was basically nothing out there, now there are three really exstensive fansites. :D

I think what bugs me is the definition of "high quality." So many fansites look exactly the same now just with different colors and a different header. Where's the originality? I mean, each site works differently because it has different things to display and a way of showing them. I definently don't want that generic fansite look... how boring. :P

Michelle Hennessey said...

Ida!!! Go Apply at They accepted me! Which means that they would accept you as well LOL

I'm so happy! Hope to see you there!!

Ida said...

That's so awesome Michelle!!! Congrats! And stop putting yourself down. Your layout now is great. :)

What's your domain name going to be? :D Exciting. :) said...

Thanks. I agree. Fansites aren't fansites anymore. What bugs me is the content. They have more video and photos (which is great), but not enough info on the person.

Ida said...

Yeah, do you definently have a ton of info on yours! I need to work on that section.

I changed the text of the navigation size today. :)

Oh and I got accepted my too! Been having trouble trying to log into the ftp though, so I'm working with them right now, but hopefully soon we'll be there and with a cool new domain name. :D said...


Michelle Hennessey said...

Congratulations Ida :D

Ida said...

!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!

Michelle Hennessey said...

That's great!