Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally, someone gives Goldblum the credit he deserves...

jeff Goldblum is the biggest drawing event movie star of all time. I know, a statement like that is a hard one to swallow. It either causes you to stare at the page, mouth agape in disbelief or raise an eyebrow in confusion - the name "Jeff Goldblum" having long ago slipped your mind.
And that's the mystery of Mr. Goldblum: all signs point to him having been the biggest star of the 90s, charming millions with his eccentric, staccato method of delivery (if you've truly forgotten him, imagine Shatner as a stereotypical Jewish man) . And yet his time on top clings to people's memories like the sheerest gossamer. All pretension aside, it is no coincidence that the biggest movies of both 1993 and 1996 featured Goldblum in a starring role.

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