Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Pet Jeff

So now that I have an awesome camera, I thought I'd introduce you all to my pet Jeff. Can you guess who he's named after?

I have five skinks like him, but Jeff is the sweetest. :)


Michelle Hennessey said...

Aww that's cute :D Of course he's the sweetest! Now you need to get a Snake and Name him Jeff (I'm sure you have a Snake, right?)

I'm just saying, cause Jeff's Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Snake XD

Michelle Hennessey said...

Ahhh forget it, forget this.. Jeff is a dragon.. I don't know why I thought he was a snake.. Ahh well too bad.. would've love to have a little Snake called Jeff. My mother would've freaked out LOL

Ida said...

Thanks. I thought about naming him Ian at first, but Jeff seemed to fit him better.

Actually, I don't have any snakes. I would, but I like mice too much. :P There are some really pretty small bright green snakes called Rough Green Snakes though and they only eat insects. I will probably get a few of them in the future. :)

Michelle Hennessey said...

Aww yea the Snakes like Mice hehe!

I should show you this Pic of me and a Boa haha! That was funny and great to Hold a Boa! I'll post it my blog :D

Ida said...

Because snakes are seductive? ;)

Cool. Let me know when you post it. I held one a few years ago at a reptile event. It was surprisingly heavy and really pretty. Another guy had an ENORMOUS fat albino one just sitting out on the table. He said he fed it pigs. Ew.

Michelle Hennessey said...

Eww LOL the Snake got fed with Pigs? WOW lol

I'll plug that Scanner of mine and try to make it work LOL then I'll post it :)