Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top 10 Sexiest Voices

I came across this short article today about a "Sexiest Voices List" that was created. Of course, it didn't give the full list, but we can bet the makers were too dense to add Jeff Goldblum, so here is my Top 10 Sexiest Voices (and I only did men for this one):

#1 Jeff Goldblum
That sweet, awkward, rambling way of his. His voice is so much of his personality. You could hear him across a room and without seeing him know, It's Jeff Goldblum!

#2 John Shea
Oozing passion. Raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

#3Christopher Walkens
Deep, smooth, seductive. Both chilling and romantic, or is it just me?

#4 Johnny Depp
Even varying from part to part, there is something in this creative voice. I certainly wouldn't mind hearing this voice whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

#5 Rufus Sewell
Romantic and a little edgey. Deep and smooth. A stirring voice.

#6 Dudley Moore
So adorable. Funny. What a loveable accent.

#7 Elijah Wood
Elijah has a different voice to me. It's unlike anything I've heard before. It's young and innocent and beautiful. If anyone ever wanted to make a decent Dorian Gray movie, they should put Elijah in the title role.

#8 Peter Lori
So maybe I watch too many old movies, but I've loved this guy since I was 6 or so. Darkly romantic. I, personally, think Peter Lori could have been a romantic lead.

#9 Steve Buscemi
I may have bizarre tastes, but this guys strange and interesting voice with his big eyes is just perfect for me.

#10 Bela Lagosi
Is there a strange trend in this list? "Children of the night. What music they make." Sounds good to me, I'll be your wife!

Now, make your own list! :D

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Michelle Hennessey said...

Oh you don't have Strange tastes! I love Anthony Perkins and Willem Dafoe hehe! too Bad Perkins is dead, he was an awesome actor!